once in the palm, already spent

vintage kimono shop

stingy and karen just don’t mix very well so i am glad i married someone just as bad as me with money.  

it’s not as if we overspend, but we should be saving more.  

anyway, yesterday i got caught coming out of omoshiroiya, a vintage kimono shop .  opps…. darling husband was driving near the shop and spotted me at the main intersection.   not that i have anything to hide, but talk about good timing and a nice little chuckle as he drove off.

i ended-up spending ages and a small fortune.  i don’t know how i spent soooo much time in such a tiny place.  seriously, this shop is about the size of my old cubby house i had as a youngster.  about 2 by 2 metres maybe.  i kid you not!  

overall it was a good shop and that’s all that matters. right!

vintage kimono silk