a couple of days ago dh and i enjoyed watching the australian open.  the first 4 sets were really good but the 5th wasn’t so flash.  

we were entertained by nadal pulling out his wedgies for the first 5 minutes but after that more wine was needed.  boy that boy has one hungry bum but a nice one at that.  

seriously, in one set dh and i counted 57 times he went in for the big pull and dh even got the timing of the big pull down pat.  one bounce of the ball before serving then in for the kill.  


nadal                                                                                                               the bounce

nadal's wedgie

nadal's wedgie

                                                                     someone ought to design some new undies for the man.

hairy roger


                                                                          even big (hairy) men cry.   the highlight of the game.