japanese candy up for grabs :)

a new library is being built near my place.  i am looking forward to spending some sunny or rainy afternoons there but the only problem is, the city council is taking away some of the beautiful ginkgo trees.  yep, beautiful to look at but not so pleasant to walk near on a nice autumn day.

the female tree produces a rancid smelling fruit/nut similar to that of vomit acid or parmesan cheese.

sounds attractive, doesn’t it? 

well, 5 years on i plucked up the courage to try one and it actually tastes great.  dh says natto is next but i think i will give that one a miss.  parmesan cheese ok but dirty, stinky socks…mmm nope.  i just can’t do it. 

anyway, isn’t she a beauty?

ginkgo tree


so, what is an interesting or strange food you have eaten?  

now, now don’t be shy.  :0

names of those who leave comments will go into a hat/draw to win a packet of valentines day candy.  

are you willing to give soy sauce candy a go?