last week i had a whole day to myself so i decided to walk around harajuku.  first stop was meiji jingu shrine . although a little cool the sun was out so it was a perfect day for a 5 hour stroll.meiji jingu shrine

because it was a weekday, there weren’t so many people so it was very relaxing and only took 10 or so minutes to reach the main shrine.  on a very busy day, say new years day, it can take a couple of hours and a few bruises to get to the shrine.

main shrine at meiji jinguand i’d love to have this as a dining room table.  

meiji jingu doorand lots of sake to go with it.

sake containers at meiji jingu

while walking around harajuku i came across this shop but there was nothing really freakish about it.

looked fairly ordinary to me but then again ordinary is freakish when you are in harajuku.