i joined etsy two years ago but have…

i joined etsy two years ago but have been fairly busy up until now.

i will be opening up my little etsy shop by the end of the week. i am looking forward to it and will be wrapped if i get a sale in the first week.

so this is what will be in my little etsy shop :

mixed packs of the highest quality handmade washi paper :  

packs include chiyogami washi paper (well-known traditional patterns), yuzen washi paper (hand screened patterns of flowers, birds, wind, moons…) and mingeishi washi paper (plain paper from folk craft, dyed with a traditional japanese soft-tone finish).

these packs are fantastic for book art, collage projects, scrapbooking, box making, invitations, card making and gift wrapping.












single colour handmade washi paper packs will be available every month. ’cause next month is st. patty’s day and it is my favourite colour i have decided to put a green pack together.  

green washi paper packgreen washi paper pack












simply beautiful.  i just love all the different patterns and shades of green.  

many other handmade washi products will also be available in my little shop.

washi stationary


these one of a kind, handmade, double-sided pendants will also be in my little shop. 

some have already gone out to family and friends.  thanks

silk pendant

silk pendant