here comes the sun…

so i didn’t end up going for that bike ride yesterday cause i wasn’t too sure how to get to the place where i wanted to go but i ended up going today.  dh gave me detailed directions last night.

yesterday, i took heaps of photos of all my stuff i need to list in my etsy shop.

that was kind of fun but it took ages.  still have heaps of supplies.  dh just laughs at all the stuff i have.  i couldn’t ask for a better husband.  he really is a fantastic guy. anyway i am getting off the topic.

i ended up going today.  i got some fairly nice shots but my camera battery went dead after 10 or so minutes.

oops i forgot to recharge my camera battery.  i really am a silly duffer.

i am really looking forward to hanami (cherry blossom viewing and drinking) but momo is my favourite blossom of all.

suginami momomy sister is the professional photographer in our family but i think i did a pretty good job.  🙂