a fantastic week…

this week has been fairly busy.

i have been listing lots of supplies in my little etsy shop.  mainly fabric and masking tape.

my little etsy shopsome of the fabric that has been listed in my shop.

masking tapegotta love this stuff.

i have also been carving stamps for my handmade washi card section.  hopefully i will be finished with those in the next couple of days.  they mainly include insects and animals.  snails, frogs, dragonflies and things like that.

handmade washi cards

and finally my classes also keep me busy.  this is yuichi.  he has been studying with me for three years.  he started at my school when he was only a shy six year old.  he has turned into a little bit of a brute but i still have a soft spot for him. even though he is a naughty student he hasn’t missed a class since joining.

wattle english schoolyuichi being a turd as usual. 🙂