simple but nice

a couple of days ago i went to my favourite washi shop to get a new hanko (personal stamp) made.

washi shop while waiting for an example to come through by fax i took a look around the shop.

i found the cutest linen pencil case and i haven’t stopped talking about it since i got it.  it is a pvc lined linen type pencil case and it is just perfect.

purple pencil case

and next to the pencil cases were these cute little linen kaori (scent) squares so i had to grab some of those.

they smell fantastic.  great for the closet, shoe area, handbag, bathroom and so on. perfect to put almost anywhere and they are the exact type of material as the pencil case.

now i am on a hunt to find more of this super fantastic pvc/laminate linen material.

kaori squareskaori squarescute, aren’t they!

and they smell sooooo nice.