another busy week that has just flown by.

it is extremely beautiful around our neighbourhood at the moment especially around our local shrine just across the road from us.

local shrine

on monday i wandered around inokashira park and kichijoji by myself cause dh had to work.  i was going to drop into iseya for a quick bite but it was too busy so i ended up buying a subway sandwich to eat in the park. a better idea anyway 🙂

iseyaiseya yakitori shop.

inokashira parkinokashira park.

while wandering around kichijoji i came across this cute little dog.  it had such an attitude and was a real little poser for the camera.  she was extremely cute and friendly.

dog with attitude

on tuesday after my morning class my dh and i rode our bikes to koganei park to enjoy hanami (cherry blossom viewing).  it was the perfect day for it as the flowers were out in full bloom, not so many people cause it was a week day and the weather was just perfect.

sakuraafter enjoying the day in koganei park we rode to kichijoji for an early dinner.  we ended up going to one of our favourite yakitori shops near the station in a small alley way.

alley shops in kichijoji

and to end the perfect day we went for a stroll around inokashira park.

inokashira park

the rest of the week was business as usual. 🙂