japanese masking tape

plain white masking tape is great to use and has been around for years and years but colourful and patterned japanese masking tape is even better.

although i have been using this fantastic stuff for some time now it is starting to become really popular outside  japan.  there are so many cute crafting things in japan and now they are reaching a wider market.  i think it is fantastic, not only cause i sell them but cause they really are fun to use.

yesterday my semi private class (two students and i) talked about masking tape and although i wanted the topic to only be a 10 minute warm up,  it lasted the whole class.

yep.  the three of us talked for one and a half hours about the ins and outs of masking tape.  how to use it, the process in making it, what it is made from, where it is made, the different colours and patterns and everything else.  we could have gone on forever but i had to play housewife from 5ish. 🙂

anyway, i’ve added some more to my etsy shop cause they are selling like hot cakes at the moment.  pop in and have a look if you have some free time 🙂mt deco masking tapelove this pink

mt deco masking tapecool

mt deco masking tapedots dots and more dots 🙂

mt deco masking tapeand this is my favourite set.