when i was browsing the net i came across a personal site that did a story and flickr post on hands.  it was interesting and cute.

flickr site put together by mollychicken.

that evening i got out the camera and took some shots of my dh’s hands.  i think he has beautiful hands.

actually, he once got a job as a hand model.  one of the many crazy jobs he has done in the last couple of years since quitting his full time job.

the week before the shoot he took such good care of his hands. put cream on them numerous times during the day and soaked them in his special warm water mix. such a drama queen. lol

dh's handdh's handdarling husband’s hand.

i don’t think he will let me write or post photos of him putting make-up on at the department store but i wonder how many other blokes have done it and are willing to admit it.  🙂 lol