hanabatake bokujo nama caramel

dh being a huge whiskey and caramel fan has tried to get his paws on some of these little handmade caramels for ages and he could finally get some.

they usually sell out within ten minutes on the internet but at 7.07 he could finally place an order.  i was wondering why he was running off to his computer around 7.00 for the past week, and now i know.

anyway, hanabatake bokujo means flower field ranch and nama caramel is raw/soft  caramel.  they come from hokkaido and are the latest craze throughout japan.

i can see why these sweets which are made and wrapped by hand are sooo popular.  they are just divine.  they are really soft and don’t stick to your teeth. basically like butter melting in your mouth but much, much nicer.  they are a little expensive but well worth it.  one set costs about $12 (au) and there are 12 pieces in the set.  i am sure you can work out the maths. 🙂

dh ended up buying 5 sets. two caramels, one caramel green tea,  one caramel banana, and one caramel strawberry.

i wonder what flavour will be next. 🙂

take a look at their website :  hanabatake bokujo caramels

hanabatake caramelshanabatake caramels