wrinkled paper or paper wrinkles?

i love spending my free-time in the book shop.   books shops in tokyo are fantastic. i could spend hours and hours in one but the longer i stay the more i buy. 🙂

i picked up a few beauties the other day and since it is golden week in japan i might just stay in bed and read a few or go to the local cafe and chill out.

some of the super paper crafting and stamp books i picked up :

japanese craft booksanother fantastic purchase was my new red washi bag (shown below in natural colour) from my favourite washi shop.  on my last visit i just couldn’t resist.  although a little expensive for a paper bag, it is super and i think totally worth it.  it is kind of like australian money.  paper but it doesn’t tear easily. the texture of the bag is really soft, just like all of the other siwa paper products.

si wa (shi wa) in japanese means wrinkles but if you say it backwards it becomes wa si (wa shi).  kind of cute 🙂 wrinkled paper or paper wrinkles???

paper bag