ooooh i’m up to 1000 hits.

haven’t updated my blog for a while.  nothing exciting in the past few days.

just rain, rain and more rain.

yesterday was the third day of rain in a row so i wasn’t going to stay at home and let it stop me from going out.  the only problem is i didn’t make it any farther than the book shop.

i ended up spending three or so hours in shinjuku books kinokuniya. i couldn’t go anywhere else after that cause i purchased heaps of books and i didn’t want to lug them around in the rain.  got straight back on the train.  had a coffee cause i forgot all about lunch and did the grocery shopping.  the day was over just like that.

once again, all darling husband could do is laugh at my book purchases. he is just the same thank goodness. i doubled up on some cause i want to share them in my etsy shop.  forgot to get  make-up which is what i set out to do in the first place. lol 🙂

dh and i enjoyed looking through the books after dinner and found out some handy info which spells more trouble.

made of paper bookthis one has paper shops listed in my area that i didn’t even know about… trouble.

animal drawingsjust cause it was really cute.

drawing book

recycle packagemany fantastic recycling ideas.

how to makeanimal paper cutting projects.

paper cuttingsimple but nice. 🙂

animal origamian aussie could never pass up on kangaroo origami. lol

paper cutting gadget boxpaper cutting gadget box filled with paper cutting templates and washi paper.

paper cutting gadget boxedo period paper cutting designs.

paper cutting gadget boxmodern paper cutting set.   paper cutting designs, templates and washi paper included.

paper designsjapanese paper designs.

japanese flower designsjapanese flower designs.

japanese artfantastic new japanese art book.

japanese advertising file bookjapanese advertising file book and japanese designers.

noren bookand last of all one of my favourites a book about japanese noren.