hidden treasure

if you were to walk past this place, would you want to go in?

roundabout kichijyoji

roundabout kichijyojiprobably not.

this shop was in the made of paper book i bought last week and since it is in my area i asked my dh to teach me the exact location of it.

i have been living in this area for the past 8 or so years and i have never even walked near this place.

anyway, it was extremely easy to find but a little strange and run down from the outside.  i thought i had gone to the wrong place but there was a sign with the shop name on it.  well half of a sign.

entering the place i still felt a little apprehensive.  wouldn’t you if you saw stairs like these?roundabout kichijyoji

roundabout kichijyoji

the stairs leading towards the shop were very steep and somewhat scary to climb.

once i reached the main part of the shop i was extremely surprised.  inside was immaculate.

the place was packed with customers and there were many many nice goodies.  i wanted to take a photo of the actual shop but i got the feeling that i shouldn’t.  got a shot of the floor as i walked out but nothing like the rest of the shop.

actually, i kind of like the old worn down concrete floors.  added flavour to the shop.


shop floor.

if you are ever in the area, you should check out this shop for yourself.

i will be going back sometime this week to eat in their cafe.