my spoonflower material

some weeks ago i received my spoonflower material order and although i didn’t really think much of it at first i am starting to like it.

maybe i am just used to the fantastic quality of material here in japan cause when i first got it i felt a little let down. the design came out okish but the quality of the material was somewhat disappointing. at $18 dollars a yard i was just expecting a little better.

the actual experience of designing and ordering your own fabric over the internet was exciting but from now on i think i will do it myself or look into other avenues.

i had two designs printed.

one of a japanese akabeko cow and the other a tiger.

i made the cow with japanese washi paper and then put it into my computer.  the tiger was done with water paint. i think the tiger design came out much better than the cow. more vibrant and sharper.

i might use the tiger design for my 2010 new years cards so i haven’t put up a photo. 🙂

akabeko cowakabeko cow print