it’s what’s on the inside that really counts!

and i am not talking about my darling husband cause i think the older he gets the sexier he becomes. 😉

anyway, last friday after my morning class i went back to roundabout.  the really strange, ugly building near kichijyoji station.  i was starving so i decided to check out their cafe.  simple but really nice.

it was too late to have a big lunch so i decided on peanut butter and toast with a nice cup of tea.  i was really looking forward to it cause i hadn’t eaten peanut butter for ages.  maybe ten years…

when it came to the table i was pleasantly surprised.  handmade peanut butter on freshly baked rye bread. yum :).

roundabout cafe :


roundabout kichijyojiand i had to check out the book shop for any new books or displays :

world interior bookspicked up a few new origami/kirigami books 🙂

origami horse

this one is from the oriental zodiac origami book.  super cute with fantastic paper designs.

and finally, while walking back to my bike i came across a brilliant advertisement for visa.  a huge wall hanging from marui department store.

advertisement for visathis one is my favourite :

visa advertisement