michelle and liam left tokyo on friday to…

michelle and liam left tokyo on friday to visit other friends of theirs in nagano and after that they are off to kyoto, i think. 🙂

i can’t believe they have already come and gone.  my husband and liam had a fantastic time talking about sports, playing all the different wii games and basically looking around tokyo.

michelle and i also had a fab time, chatting, chatting and chatting.  we also had a super time visiting the sites around tokyo.

techan and i really enjoyed having them here and they are welcome any time.

on the first day, we made rice balls and went on a picnic/bike ride around our neighbourhood.  musashino city is a great place to live and very fresh and green at the moment.  we enjoyed lunch at nogawa park and then rode our bikes in the pissing rain to a small bamboo forest where people used to live thousands and thousands of years ago.

the campsite area near the bamboo forest actually has some human remains so we had a look at those before heading back home drenched.

hidden campsite and remains

the next day michelle, liam and i went into the city area to have a look around.  we went to meiji jingu in harajuku, walked to shibuya and ate ramen, looked at tokyo city from the metro building in shinjuku and visited tokyo hands.  a very very busy day.

the next day we rode our bikes to kichijyoji for a picnic lunch, strolled around inokashira park and did a bit of shopping.

ajisaithis one is for you michelle cause you know how much i looooove this flower.

inokashira park shrineinokashira park shrine.

on wednesday, we decided to go to mount takao.  it didn’t rain so much which was nice but it was extremely foggy at the top of the mountain.  coming down was a little scary and slippery but we all made it down in one piece.

kappai took many photos of the statues on the top of mt takao but this one is my favourite.

mt takaothis is my favourite photo, coming down the mountain.  the person closest to the camera is my sexy husband, then liam and michelle.

on thursday, michelle and liam did their own thing.  i had to work so they did a day trip to kamakura.

it was time to say good bye on friday but we went for a quick bike ride to koganei park to have a look at an out door museum.  koganei park is very  beautiful in the spring.  it has the most amount of cherry blossom trees in tokyo.  a good idea not to go on the weekend as it is very crowded.

koganei parkinside an old thatched farm house.

koganeiand an old stationery shop.

i have heaps of photos from the past two or three weeks but these are just a few of my favourites. 🙂


see ya mich and liam. 🙂