this time last week…..

was my sisters last day in tokyo.  my lil sis and her boyfriend were in japan for three weeks and the time just flew by.  we miss them both already.

while in japan, both of them ate edamame (soy beans) non stop.  they ate so many that my darling husband ended up buying a huge box of them to be delivered to our place.  they didn’t last very long.



my sisters boyfriend also got into oil blotting papers.  he just loved them and he couldn’t stop using them. i think they ended up buying heaps to take back home with them.    i admit they are great for taking that oily shine off your face.  in japanese they are called abura-torigami. click on the link and take a look to see what i am going on about.

finally, the night before they left they gave my husband and i two gold fish as a leaving/thank you present. we named them baileys and cedder cause my sister drank like a fish while she was here and chedder cause it is somewhat related to her boyfriends name.  we wanted to call the other one cheesy but he wasn’t happy with that. 🙂

this is chedder.  the non stop pooping machine


and baileys


darling husband is smitten with both of them so much that they are next to his bedside.