sweet potato ice-cream

the end of the year is here and i have been non stop busy.

yesterday i attended an end of year party for one of my classes.  14 of us went to a sushi shop which was fantastic and at the end of the lunch we were given satsumaimo ice-cream (sweet, purple potato).  a little strange but nice.

after three days, i have finally finished making my chrismas cards.

my darling husband wasn’t so taken with the first or second design so i ended up making three.

i wanted it to have some kind of relation to the year of the tiger 2010 because that is the year my husband and i were born in.

they are a little darker than usual for a christmas card but they will have to do. overall i am happy with the design so i hope my family and friends like them.

the background of the card was done with a kind of sumi-e style (calligraphy).  it says tora (tiger) and the simple tree design was done by carving out some rubber stamps.  i had fun with that. 🙂

simple but that is the way dh likes it.