21 little pleasures by karen sato

there are many different types of surveys or reviews on the net and i have had a great time reading some of them over the holiday period.

people blogging about their personal experiences such as the last decade, or the year 2009 and so on.

i have decided to put my own little original one together and hope to see it passed around either in the comments section or on you blog ( with a link ).

why 21 little pleasures??

cause it is my favourite number and it does not have to be in any particular order.

here goes :

1. chatting with my family members on skype.
2. cuddling up with my darling husband in bed.
3. receiving mail from friends and family.
4. smiling or saying hello to a stranger in the street.
5. darling husband washing the dinner dishes.
6. a nice glass of red.
7. reading books in bed.
8. learning something new.
9. a nice hot bath.
10. watching a dvd.
11. surfing the net.
12. meeting someone new.
13. getting lost in a new town/city.
14. the smell of fresh coffee.
15. getting a haircut.
16. playing some kind of game (cards, wii...).
17. eating dinner with my husband every night.
18. laughing.
19. finding a forgotten item.
20. making something.
21. enjoying each day as it comes.